It is very essential to clear up your wardrobe once every few weeks and organize it properly. With such effort, you have made your own life a lot simpler since whenever you wish for a change of clothes, there is very little that you have to do other than just pull out what you want.

Declutter, declutter, declutter

To declutter your wardrobe, keep a few bags ready at hand. Also, get a few disposable boxes in which you can send off the unrequired stuff to some orphanage or an NGO which will find it of use. Be comfortable while you are doing this chore. Have some music playing in the background to help soothe frayed nerves. Also, keep something chilled at hand to help you feel better and relaxed.

Try to sort out your clothes in a manner that you immediately pick up things which are not of any use any longer and put them in the `discard’ pile. For this, pick up each item and check it thoroughly. If it is of any use, place it in one stack. Or else, discard it. For those items which are confusing you, ask yourself if you really need them or are they just filling up valuable space in the closet? If that is what they are doing, it is time to get rid of them.

Sort out clothes to be darned and dry cleaned

Sometimes, some clothes need darning – say a button has come off or there is a bit of a tear in it, and these are ready for use again. Place them in a separate pile. Do not discard them just because a bit of effort is involved in making them useful again. Whenever you have spare time, just dig into this pile and get everything sorted out by a seamstress. You will have another set of clothes all over again!

Sometimes, we have lost weight. Or at other times, we may have gained a few ounces here and there. Hence, there could be clothing which needs to be adjusted accordingly. Those dresses which are loose-fitting, will continue to fit. However, those which were a tight fit will have to be worked upon. Make a separate pile for these as well. As and when there is time, do go across to a suitable professional who will help you make the necessary adjustments in the clothes.

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At other times, it could be dry cleaning or steam ironing which is required for a certain set of clothes. This can happen with formal suits et al. Make a separate pile for these as well. Again, take out time to organize the work to be done for these. Dry cleaning will add a new chutzpah to the clothes. It is highly recommended especially for certain articles. Sometimes, colored clothes get stains on them when you wash them. They give a smudged look. Sort these out too. Make a category for these clothes which you need to get bleached.