A level of comfort with the stylist is a must
There are certain factors which one needs to look at before hiring a stylist. First and foremost, the person you are hiring has to be one with whom you have a level of comfort. One should be able to discuss all needs and requirements with this person with ease and without any feeling of discomfort. One should have a certain rapport with him or her so that any discussion can be done freely without any inhibitions.

Be careful of the package deal you are picking up
Certain styling companies give out package. A stylist works for a given number of hours for a given number of days for such and such amount is usually the deal. Think through this deal before signing it. Do you need a given number of hours for shopping or will you be able to manage with less. Also, do you need service for so long or can you do with it for a shorter time? All these factors need to be considered before picking up such a deal.
Make it a point to go to a credible agency to pick up a stylist. There are several people who choose to address themselves as stylists these days without really having a suitable background for this job. Do not get fooled or conned into any such bargain without knowing what you are getting into.
Make sure the stylist knows his or her job beforehand
Try not to make yourself into a trial machine of sorts for your stylist. Some stylists even try to make guinea pigs out of their customers. Do not become one. The stylist should already know details about all vital aspects of this matter. These include color co-ordination, accessorizing correctly, color blocking, about which sizes will fit which body shape and so on.
Do not go into this exercise of clothing yourself with set ideas. Try to experiment with your look. Place some faith in the stylist, especially if he or she has been recommended for the job. Do not have closeted ideas – why are you going in for a stylist if you already knew about styling?
Do not go into this activity with blindfolds either. It is not that you place your entire self into the hands of the stylist like putty. Be aware of certain fashion trends yourself. Also it is necessary to know which types of clothes suit you more. In this manner, you too can guide the stylist properly and not leave anything and everything in his or her hands.
Also, check the clothes and accessories of the stylist as well. They should be people with pleasing personalities and be well dressed themselves. Their taste in clothes is revealed by what they themselves are wearing. Thus, you will get a clear idea with this indication as well. Open up well with them and converse freely about which look you wish to get.

Of course you should also feel free to wear your own accessories.  Our favourite at the minute is any of the watches from Triwa.