We dress ourselves up with clothes, and accessories dress up our clothes in turn. This is how the whole cycle works. The style statement of any dress gets uplifted by several notches if you accessorize it in a correct manner.

A cocktail ring is an essential must have

There are a certain set of accessorizes which one absolutely must have. A cocktail ring, is one. In simple words, this is a big-size ring which one wears and it totally takes the breath away in terms of its sheer grandeur. One must have at least one such outstanding piece. After this, is a choker neckpiece. This too, should radiate a lot of aura and be very glamorous to the core. It should spell class and regality in its demeanor. It could be of black or white color so that one can team it up with any color outfit. Or else, its use will be restricted to the color of the outfit unless one is going in for color blocking technique in our clothes.

A bracelet watch is of double use

A nice watch, perhaps a bracelet watch which can double up as a piece of jewelry as well an ornament will work wonders. The strap could be fashioned out of white or some other color of pearls to give it a real feel of jewelry. This will be a style statement of sorts for the whole outfit since it blends functionality along with décor.

Chandelier ear rings are good to own

It is a must to have a pair of chandelier ear rings which really look chic. These are universal in their appeal and can be worn with any outfit – be it Indian or western. The ear rings should be at least mix-sized, not too small and not too big. If these are too small, they look very formal and can be worn for office meetings and parties. If they are too big, then their use is more for functions like weddings or birthday parties. However, mid-sized ear rings can be worn for all occasions.

Another must have accessory is a pair of stud earrings. These look elegant and sophisticated when one goes for little soirees or dos. These can also be worn as ideal daytime and night time wear when one is stepping out for not very large scale events. When just and handful of people are meeting up, or for a mini office jaunt with not much of hullabaloo – these are ideal for such times.

Belt it up…….

An elegant belt is another must have accessory. This will look good with an A-line skirt, a pair of trousers, even jeans will look a bit formal with a nice belt to hold them up. The belt can be worn with multifarious types of garments and give them a different appeal altogether. The belt can be simple, or have some studs or crystal strewn across it – both look good with almost any attire they are teamed up with.

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